Courtauld Gallery Art Project

Yesterday, Post-19 took part in a joint art project with the Courtauld Gallery. Members of the Somerset House team visited our hub to create a set of collages based on architecture from around the UK.

The project ran throughout the day with students being able to drop in and out to add to the collages, and it was wonderful seeing the pieces grow as the day progressed. The photographs used in the collages were all taken from the Courtauld Gallery’s extensive photography library. Whilst the photos used were all black and white, students were able to add other materials to add a touch of flair to their sections.

Huge thanks go to the gallery for working with us on the project and to the fantastic volunteers who came along on the day to help the students and contribute to the artwork. It was fantastic to work alongside the gallery and we look forward to developing this relationship further in the new academic year!

After several hours of work the final pieces were ready! They will be going on display in the garden room at Post-19 for everyone to enjoy when they visit.