Diji's Work Experience

Since January, Diji, one of our Post-19 learners, has been accessing a voluntary work experience placement at Brixton Soup Kitchen as part of the Can Do Programme run by Leonard Cheshire. Once a week Diji goes along to BSK to help provide a range of services for homeless individuals.

Each of our Post-19 learners access their local communities and create their own individual pathways into adulthood. Work experience placements form a large part of this and Diji’s experience at Brixton Soup Kitchen  shows why.

Learning new skills

Diji’s jobs at Brixton Soup Kitchen range from folding and sorting clothes that have been donated to picking up a pizza delivery and serving food to the service users. He has learnt different folding techniques that didn’t require the use of a surface – essential given the tight spaces at Brixton Soup Kitchen – and leads the way to go and collect the pizza delivery. The marked change for Diji has been his growing confidence at Brixton Soup Kitchen, something that was noticed by Carrie, the Can Do Programme Coordinator.

Added interaction

Carrie said that she ‘witnessed Diji’s growth in confidence in completing the volunteer tasks and development in friendship with his peers as well as other community members at the Brixton Soup Kitchen’ before adding‘Diji is an integral member in making our Can Do Programme and team a success.’

The added interaction with his peers has been something that his Post-19 Instructor has also noticed. Diji has started socialising more with his peers, greeting them on arrival and when leaving, and also receiving high fives and fist bumps from other volunteers.

This increased confidence and social interaction is a great example of why our learners take part in work experience and we are very grateful to the Can Do Programme for allowing Diji to access the placement.