Our Team

David Anthony

Head of Post-19

David joined BeyondAutism in 2015 as Head of Sixth Form and Upper School. In 2018, he became the Head of Post-19 and is now leading and managing a service focused on achieving the best possible outcomes for our students. David was initially involved in the pilot scheme of this service and is excited to be leading its development. His previous experience has always been with students who have special educational needs: in mainstream secondary schools, special independent schools and further educational colleges. He is an experienced senior leader who is passionate about students becoming active citizens in their local communities and being taught the skills to have choice and control over their lives.

Sofia Rey

ABA Consultant

Sofia has been working in the field of ABA for 10 years. Her first experience was working at a Summer Camp in the USA in 2008. She was so impressed with the progress that could be achieved in only a week of consistent ABA, that on her return to the UK she decided to pursue a career within the field.

Sofia’s first job was a Trainee ABA Tutor at BeyondAutism. Over the past 10 years she has progressed to ABA Supervisor, and during this time has completed a Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis and gained her BCBA qualification.

Russell Irving

ABA Supervisor

Russell has been working with young people with autism for 9 years and in the field of behaviour analysis for the past 5 years. Having worked in a range of services including a summer camp in the USA, an after-school club and as a TA in an autism school, he moved to London to get training in ABA, coming to work at BeyondAutism in 2013. Russell began as a Trainee ABA Tutor and progressed to the position of Class Leader over the course of 3 and a half years. During this time he completed his MSc in ABA.

On a hiatus from the organisation, Russell worked across a nursery, homes, school and a college using ABA to teach students across a range of ages. He has been able to bring this experience back to BeyondAutism where he currently works as an ABA Supervisor at the Post-19 service, working towards his BCBA.

Katie Moriarty
BSc, MSc

ABA Supervisor

Katie has been working in the field of ABA for 9 years with both children and young people. She started her career as a trainee tutor at an ABA specific school where she completed a graduate programme for 2.5 years before travelling around Asia for a year. On her return, Katie worked for a company providing home and community programmes to young people with autism and complex needs. During this time she completed her MSc in ABA from Bangor University and progressed to supervisor level. Following this she moved to Dubai for a little under two years and worked in a setting that provided ABA programmes to children in clinics, homes and schools and took a lead on staff and parent training. This experience enabled Katie to complete her supervision hours in order to sit the BCBA exam.

Katie is really looking forward to working at BeyondAutism and continuing all the amazing work that has been done so far in the Post-19 provision.

Elizabeth (Lisa) Curtin

ABA Instructor

Lisa did a Masters in Applied Psychology in 2014. During this time she volunteered at a centre that used ABA and helped facilitate a personal and life skills group. As part of this she learned about the basic principles of ABA. When she graduated, she started working as a Trainee ABA Tutor at Treehouse school and after a year and a half was promoted to Senior ABA Tutor. In 2017 she started studying BACB approved course content through Florida Institute of Technology and receiving BCBA supervision. Lisa is really excited to work in Post-19 and with BeyondAutism.

Charlie Feigen

ABA Instructor

Charlie has worked for BeyondAutism for 3 years across a variety of settings and age groups. In particular, he has held key roles within Post-19 and Tram House School and has made it his mission to promote functional independence and tolerance across the services we provide.

Whilst his original training and qualifications are geared towards a Counselling setting, Charlie has become captivated by the behavioural approach used to such good effect here at BeyondAutism.

Charlie believes ABA/VB practice is a fantastic individualised approach that can have amazing, life changing results for individuals with complex needs.

Francesca Sharkey

Post-19 Administrator

Francesca joined the Post-19 team in September 2018. She has over 15 years of administrative experience, the majority of which she spent with the NHS working as Office Manager at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. More recently she has worked at Lister Hospital as well as in a primary school.

Francesca is thrilled to be working at BeyondAutism, working alongside the staff and students.

Helen Robertson

Admissions Officer

Helen has been working at BeyondAutism since May 2017 and started out as the Admissions officer before becoming Admissions and PA to the CEO. Before working at BeyondAutism Helen gained experience working for a property website. She also has voluntary experience working with adults with autism and as an activities co-ordinator on a mental health ward.

Helen enjoys working at BeyondAutism because she feels as though she is helping families and young people with autism. She has completed IPSEA’s SEN Law training to make sure she can help parents and carers navigate the SEN process and gain a place for their child at one of our services.