Curriculum Model

At BeyondAutism Post-19 we have a unique curriculum model integrating community and class-based learning.

Every student will have a timetable which represents their ‘ideal week’ based on their likes and aspirations. The ideal week is created through work with the student, family and those who know them best. The ideal week should be viewed as something that develops over time and continues to change as our students progress.

Just enough support is the mantra at Post-19. We have a specialist curriculum that ensures sustained success beyond the age of 25, setting young adults with the skills and independence to lead a life of their choosing. We are aware that after finishing Post-19, students may be accessing less supported services. We therefore provide just enough support so that when needed we are there to assist our students whilst at the same time encouraging them to be as independent as they possibly can be. For each student we have a personalised understanding of how much active support they may need.

All teaching and interactions throughout the day underpinned by Behaviour Analysis and guided by the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Verbal behaviour (VB). This is a data-driven, scientifically-based method which has proven to be effective in enabling autistic children and adults with autism to lead lives full of choice and opportunity.

To find out more about our curriculum, please visit the Curriculum section of our website.