Progress is tracked and reviewed daily for each student. At Post-19 we are aware that this may be the last full-time education many of our students will have before their Education, Health and Care Plan expires and so every opportunity to teach is harnessed.

Student progress is tracked against their Individual Education Plans which are set termly. Targets are based on the rate of previous learning and structured within literacy and numeracy, and the four key curriculum areas of Preparation for Adulthood. IEPs are established based on the following factors:

  • The aspirations of the student set out in their current EHCP
  • Current assessment data from the Essential for Living
  • Objectives set out within qualifications and certifications the student may be taking
  • Aspirations of the parents / carers and family for the student
  • Assessments completed by the SaLT, OT or other educational professional
  • Behaviours required to overcome barriers to learning
  • The rate of learning previously achieved by the student.