Courtauld Gallery: At the Courtauld Gallery the students are given photos with numbers they have to match with and organise into folders as part of the gallery’s digitisation project.

D.R. Harris: Students work at the pharmacy’s warehouse constructing boxes for lotions and creams. They then label them with the correct barcodes and ingredient sheet lists.

British Heart Foundation Putney: Students attend work experience at the British Heart Foundation in Putney where they sort out clothes, CDs, and DVDs that will be put up for sale in the shop.

Wandsworth Town Library: Students sort out books and put them back in the right place.

Horsendon Grape and Honey Farm: At the farm students are in charge of measuring the weight of compost to ensure bags have the correct amount. They fill empty bags using a spade and once the correct weight is reached tie the bag up and get it ready for the farm manager to check.