Social Enterprise

Vocational skills are at the heart of our curriculum. Each student will work on skills that can be later adapted for the workplace. Learners take part in the following social enterprises where they have the opportunity to work in different departments and get a sense of the different responsibilities across the roles.

The learners have been hard at work creating a range of products that are now available to purchase. All proceeds are put straight back into the enterprise to enable the students to develop their project. Some examples of the projects students have worked on are shown below:

flower celebration cards

Flower Celebration Cards



balloon design birthday cards

Balloon Design Birthday Cards

Find out more about the different products and students' roles below.

Soap Making

Within this mini-enterprise, students gain experience in a range of departments from production, to retail, to distribution. Learners will oversee the process from start to finish ensuring that the produce is created to a high standard and that it is marketed successfully.

Soap Making Departments

Greeting Cards

In this mini-enterprise, students create greetings cards to sell. There are several different roles within this mini-enterprise including administration, production and marketing. Products will be on sale to parents and in the local area.

Card Making Departments


In this team, students gain key skills around product development, retail, distribution as well as marketing. Learners have control over the entire process from creation to sale.

Keyring Making Departments