Service Information

Post-19 is an educational service for autistic adults aged 19-25. The service focuses on developing student’s functional communication and language acquisition, as well as preparing them for adulthood.

We are always looking to welcome new students to our service and would be very happy to answer any questions you may have or arrange a visit to the service. The admissions section provides more information about this process, as well as outlining who our service is most suitable for. We provide all our students the opportunity to take core qualifications that helps demonstrate the progress they make and can set them up with evidence of their skills as they move away from education. You can learn more about this in the assessment section. Whilst we are judged on these outputs, this is just a small part of the education we provide.

Within service information, you can find all of our policies and our approach to safeguarding, as well as accessing Ofsted information.

Get in touch by phone on 020 3696 9805 or by email.

To hear about the latest in research, check out the BeyondAutism podcast series.

“Staff make sure that each student has a unique personalised timetable. This coupled with the precise assessment methodology means that each student’s preferences and aspirations are respected and promoted.”  

- Post-19 DfE Section 41 report, 2020