Through his work experience placement, Diji is developing his social skills and growing his confidence.

Being an active member of the community is imperative in preparing for adult life. Furthermore, developing sustained work placements can lead to future employment – a key focus of the Vocational and Employment strands of our curriculum. Post-19 has developed many meaningful placements over the last 12 months, including Diji’s role at The Specialist Works, a media agency in Angel.

Diji’s role has been to help with the front-of-house team across a range of different tasks. All his tasks would normally be completed by other members of the staff but have been specifically selected and delegated to fit his skill set. By doing this he has alleviated pressure on others in the team, making a positive contribution while building his confidence. Each week new challenges are introduced, allowing Diji to develop his skills further and increase the positive impact he can have. In 2019, he will be taking on new tasks within the facilities department.

Diji has built great relationships with the staff – he thoroughly enjoys working around the office, getting to say hello to everyone while handing out the day’s post, helping improve his social skills.

When asked about the progress that Diji is making, Sharon, the Office Coordinator at The Specialist Works, said:

“Diji seems to be more relaxed when he comes now, and getting used to the office environment.”